Who is deion sanders dating now

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Deion Sanders' ex-wife was sentenced to seven days behind bars today for failing to return their kids in a timely manner ... but now, she's RUNNING from it, this according a new lawsuit obtained by… but it's pretty damn close -- Deion Sanders was just awarded primary custody of his three kids with his estranged wife. READ MORE Deion Sanders is furious that a judge ordered him to pay up over $10,000/month in child support to his estranged wife Pilar ... getting temporary custody of their kids PLUS a restraining order that keeps her 500 yards from his Dallas mansion.…

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And at one point Pilar still hadn't moved her stuff out of the house--and said she was going to take her time doing so. And at the afterparty at the Copacabana club: Nicole's hubby Boris Kodjoe was there to support.Woman have some class and respect for the institution of family.Get a man with at least ONE clue as to how to treat a woman with respect EVEN in the break up stages. Traci Edmonds seems to be that rebound chic....wasn't she eddie murphy's rebound not long ago and i always thought of her to have too much class to allow herself to be put in the situation if she said that they weren't messing around, she only met him via business uuummm why are you in public with him now KNOWING it would stir up trouble, *smh* not buying it...she's desperate looking...guess she figured out that being beautiful don't guarantee you a man! you don't want the man but yet you still holding on to his name like grim death.Remember last month when Deion Sanders' estranged wife Pilar named Tracey Edmonds as one of the reason she and her husband were on the outs?Tracey denied she was his mistress and responded as if nothing was going on--as she said she and Deion had just met on a business level a couple months prior.This is why...it's not necessarily because the name is so great! #wheretheydothatat Tracey Edmonds is one scandalous Bitch! She better take note if he dogs his wife like this calling her all kinds of names just think you may be in her shoes soon........ best believe he has someone else waiting in the wings to take the wife's place or assume some of her roles. a new opportunity, whether it be tracey or some other woman, presented itself to deion and now he wants to be out.