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One major security feature of GNOME 2.22 and 8.04 is the introduction of Policy Kit.

Below is a preview of the proposed default theme for 8.04, still available on the CD: Ubuntu 8.04 is a great release that definitely lives up to the attention it received.

Firefox 3 is included in the package, even in its beta form.

It has apparently been proven to be stable enough to be included, though updates to the final release are likely to follow in June.

This allows for a system to be locked down completely except to a group of trusted users.

Another addition in the security field is ufw, or "Uncomplicated Firewall." The firewall is an extension of iptables, and while it does not currently have a GUI, the command-line interface is dead simple: Other security additions include more strict memory protection and application rules, along with the addition of SELinux support.

The beta release of 8.04 saw yet another new theme, however the older one was reverted as the default.

The theme that almost made the release is still available in Appearance properties, but it didn't make the final cut for default status. This is one of the most highly anticipated releases of Ubuntu to date, but does it hold up to the hype?We take a look at what's new, what's stable, what's good and what's not in our latest review. This means that this release will receive security updates and support for three years for desktop users and five years for server users.As stated above, 8.04 is focused on improving the ground laid out, and not radically changing things.Security enhancements galore ensure this release will indeed have a long life.Hardy Heron, a big release for both the home user and enterprise, is yet another milestone in the Linux cycle.