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He was admitted to hospital and at one point even checked every hour.

Mc Cormack replied: '28 gay single love young bs too.'Yummmm,' said Reale.

Mc Cormack stood sheepishly on the side of the highway in a navy suit as officers methodically took apart his car.

Raids would soon be carried out at his unit in Alexandria and at Nine's offices in Willoughby, sending shockwaves through the media.

'He longed to get back to that period of time,' Mr Macedone said.

'He ruminated quite a lot, putting himself back in his adolescence'.

As he walked towards the Downing Centre to plead guilty to two counts of publishing, transmitting or promoting child abuse material in September, Channel Ten cameras caught him saying: 'I'm starting to feel sick'.'Suck it in! Another man Mc Cormack spoke to - white collar West Australian professional Leon Mario Berger - has pleaded guilty to one count of possessing child pornography.

He declined to comment when approached at his home last month.

About a month later, about 7.30am on April 6, Mc Cormack was driving down Driver Avenue in Moore Park when he was pulled over by police.

The operation was clearly planned in advance, with police shooting more than two minutes of footage to distribute to the media.

Paparazzi even crashed into his car as they tailed him.

Mc Cormack attempted suicide twice in the wake of the arrest.

Daily Mail Australia can reveal detectives caught the disgraced A Current Affair journalist after stumbling upon his vile conversations with Mathew Paul Reale.