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Promotional groups and circles of friends formed both across Germany and abroad, people from all parts of Germany and from many countries encouraged and supporting the rebuilding idea.In March 1991, the synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in the State of Saxony resolved to join the Foundation for Rebuilding the Dresden Frauenkirche to be formed.

The use of the building’s original substance to as large an extent as possible will make the fate of the destruction of the rebuilt Frauenkirche visibly evident for many years to come.Several times there was even the threat of complete clearing of the ruin.It was only in the late 1980s that renowned personalities came out for rebuilding the Frauenkirche and started to collect donations.The dark colouring of the old stones and the dimensional differences in the joint areas between the new and old masonry resemble the scars of healed wounds.In this way, the Frauenkirche will testify to the history of its destruction in the future too.Finally the ruin itself together with the large structural parts and individual pieces that could be recovered proved a great source of information.

An initial three-dimensional model was created based on the recovered data using the latest computer technology.Anfragen bezüglich Fotoreports, sonstige Anfragen FOTOS löschen: Um Fotos von dir herausnehmen zu lassen, benutze bitte ausschliesslich den Link "Picture an VN melden" über jedem Bild! PROFIL deaktivieren: In deinen Kontoeinstellungen unter dem Reiter "Konto" findest einen Button, mit dem du dein Profil deaktivieren kannst. The conviction that the Frauenkirche that had been totally destroyed simply had to be rebuilt was shared by many people within Dresden and elsewhere too.In 1993, photogrammetric pictures were taken of the ruin to reconstruct the spatiality and three-dimensional shape of the Frauenkirche.This technique was also employed in a different way for the reconstruction of the dome geometry, where historic photos were used due to the lack of old plans.In this open letter, the 22 undersigned emphasised their will to venture rebuilding the Dresden Frauenkirche after 45 years.

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