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This can make you read new books, learn new subjects and implement changes in your profession.However Saturn the lord of your 10th and the lord of your 11th house in the midnight chart will be located in your 8th house.

Major life changing events for Mesha Rasi people, occur during their 16th, 30th, 46th and 61st year.MESHA ( ARIES ) Moon Sign Forecast : Aries (Mesha) Aries/ Mesha Rashi [Moon Placed in Aries] Nakshatra - Aswini, Bharani, Kritika Indian Star Sign: Aswini 1,2,3 & 4, Bharani 1,2,3; Krutirika 1 padas Name starts with Sounds (Aa, Chu, Che, Cho, La, Li, Lu, Le, Lo) Rashi - Lord Mars Gem - Coral Favourable colour - Red Fasting day - Tuesday Favourable number - 9 Favourable dates - 9/18/27 General Aries is ruled by Mars. They care for luxuries and can gain wealth from their own efforts. They loose their temperament quite easily and are independent mind person.Past september 2017, you will learn new subjects, explore ancient sciences and publish or write your discoveries.End of the year is good for higher education, research etc.However, motivation and support from friends, financial situation will override your impulsive mind. You will work like a robot and do not care about feedback from employer.

However, independent professions, freelancing can give you some satisfaction and encouragement to perform better.

Chronic diseases can be controlled this year by controlling diet.

Finance: Past October 2017, financial position will improve and most of your debts will be cleared.

Career : Your employer will continue to exert pressure at work.

There will be multiple occassions, where you might either want to quit job or find a new one.

However, helping others financially, will not be liked by family members.

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