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These are only a few of the hundreds of festivals celebrated in the Indian subcontinent, so the next time you plan a trip be sure to speak to your travel consultant and who knows?You could be playing Holi on the streets in Mumbai…

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The diversity of customs, traditions, languages, and people is what makes the Indian subcontinent fascinating as you find yourself surrounded by such contrasts.Take the awe-inspiring Everest flight which puts in perspective how insignificant we are compared to the mighty Himalayas.While in India, self-drive your way to the valley of Leh and Ladakh passing through the highest motorable path in the world, or try river rafting the white waters of the mighty Ganges as she makes her way down to the plains.Tamim – who fled to Britain after his mother and father were kidnapped and murdered by the Taliban – was awarded a prestigious scholarship to the same drama school that moulded the likes of Dame Helen Mirren (right) and Daniel Craig (left) The foundation for his success was George Mitchell School in Leyton ¿ which has the motto More Is In Me.The ancient cultures of the Indian subcontinent gave rise to many of the wellness and spa techniques that are known in the world today.Who says today’s political classes are shallow careerists? Strictly is not a new beginning for them, it is the beginning of the end, the end of hope that anyone will ever take them seriously again. Claudia Fragapane and AJ Pritchard are on the right He’s a respected track and field athlete, and one might have hoped that a life more dignified awaited Greg than the shallows of reality television, but he has been off his blocks like a greyhound doing the samba.

Tamim – who fled to Britain after his mother and father were kidnapped and murdered by the Taliban – was awarded a prestigious scholarship to the same drama school that moulded the likes of Dame Helen Mirren, Daniel Craig, Sir Ben Kingsley and Daniel Day-Lewis.Festivals are a time when people come together – families, neighbours, communities – to celebrate an auspicious event or a change of season.Spring typically is the most popular and in Bhutan the Paro Festival celebrates its advent with revelry and dances, some of which are performed by monks; in India, Holi – also known as the Festival of colours – is a fun and vibrant celebration that also marks the beginning of this season, while in Nepal, Dashain celebrates the end of the monsoon with people taking colorful kites to the sky to brighten up grey skies.From Bhutan, where the hot springs and the flora with their medicinal value are a treasure trove of medicinal goodness, to Nepal where the tranquil teachings of Buddhism help one facilitate meditation in an environment of pure beauty surrounded by the majestic mountains, to India where Ayurveda and Yoga were discovered and practiced as a way of rejuvenating and rediscovering yourself, the three countries are a treasure trove of wellness options.EXPERIENCE Wellness When Machli, the famous tigress of Ranthambore fought the 14 foot long crocodile, a star was born.In Bhutan try fishing in lakes that perfectly reflect the Himalayas or go mountain biking through scenic trails discovering verdant valleys along the way and villages where time had stopped.

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    The pair finally acknowledged their romance in a March radio interview with Access Hollywood's Billy Bush. The former couple will still have to deal with one another this summer: they're set to tour together this summer.

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