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While the SS (in particular the SS-Totenkopfverbände, Einsatzgruppen and Waffen-SS) of Nazi Germany was the organization most responsible for the genocidal killing of the Holocaust, the regular armed forces represented by the Wehrmacht committed war crimes of their own, particularly on the Eastern Front in the war against the Soviet Union.The Nuremberg Trials at the end of World War II initially considered whether the Wehrmacht high command structure should be tried.

'As this crisis continues to unfold, the work of our frontline services remains absolutely critical.Some will have spent the night shivering on a cold pavement, others crammed into a dingy, hostel room with their children.And what is worse, many are simply unaccounted for.'On a daily basis, we speak to hundreds of people and families who are desperately trying to escape the devastating trap of homelessness.Transformation: Photographer Claudia González shot the series with hopes of empowering her subjects, who face a daily battle against Cuba's deeply entrenched discrimination against the LBGT community.Pictured, a woman before and after her transition 'She was a Dominican model.During a rebellion by the Herero and Nama natives of a German African Colony in 1904, the German Army was tasked to quell the uprising.

General Lothar von Trotha, the Commander tasked with eliminating the uprising, remarked "against 'nonhumans' one cannot conduct war "humanely'".

We will do all we can to make sure no-one is left to fight homelessness on their own.

But we cannot achieve this alone; we urgently need the public's support to be there for everyone who needs us right now.' In the most extensive review of its kind, housing charity Shelter combined official rough-sleeping, temporary accommodation and social services figures to discover that more than 300,000 people in Britain homeless today The charity's report, 'Far from alone: Homelessness in Britain in 2017' also shows just how hard it can be to escape homelessness amid a drought of affordable homes and welfare reforms, such as the freeze on housing benefit and recent roll-out of Universal Credit.

In Brighton and Hove, a shocking one in every 69 people sleep rough.

Now, Milton Keynes town centre has been transformed into a number of 'homeless hamlets' by rough sleepers who have sent up their sleeping bags and tents under some of the underpasses.

In England, where more people are affected, over a third of those living in temporary accommodation will still be homeless in a year's time.