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Nick's wife Vanessa, 36, described the trauma of birthing their third child, Phoenix, in 2016.'She was my soul mate, my life partner and best friend,' he said.Nick scored 22 for his contemporary dance with Peta Murgatroyd, 31.'It was touching, the whole thing,' said Len Goodman, who pointed out one 'unstable' bit.'I am so happy and so proud to have been a part of this.

The former Los Angeles Lakers star chose 2007, the year his daughter Tatum was diagnosed with a rare eye cancer.

I am forever changed from it,' said the basketball legend.

Hamilton actor Jordan Fisher chose 2005 – the year he was adopted by his grandparents.'My biological mother had me when she was 16 and then struggled with substance abuse, drugs can make somebody very selfish,' said the 23-year-old contestant.'My being adopted literally saved my life…I was so loved,' cried the Teen Wolf star.

His family opted to try experimental surgery, rather than remove Tatum's eye.'The surgery worked and she's doing great, she's a miracle,' said Derek.

The basketball player scored 23 points, as Tatum sobbed in the audience.

The 21-year-old actress did a foxtrot with Gleb Savchenko – earning 24 points.'You have a natural grace, which suits the ballroom dances,' said Bruno while Len called it 'lovely'.

Property Brothers host Drew Scott chose 2007 – when he moved to Vancouver to try and make it as an actor.'When you have a dream in mind and you know you want it so bad, and you fail, it just crushes you,' said the 39-year-old reality star.

Now 10 months old, Phoenix Robert—the third child of Vanessa and her husband, singer Nick Lachey—spent six weeks in the NICU after his mother went through emergency surgery. 💖💫💖A post shared by Vanessa Lachey (@vanessalachey) on One in 10 infants are born premature in the U.

Our most memorable years are the ones we've spent together. And I'm so grateful for you @nicklachey (and of course I Love You, too!

His barefoot contemporary scored 29 – after receiving the first 10s of the season.'That was exquisitely flawless,' raved Bruno, calling it 'a work of art'.

South African-born actress Sasha Pieterse chose 2016 – when her TV show Pretty Little Liars ended, and she got engaged.

Tonight, we get to show each other, and all of you, what those memories mean through dance.

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    I have to get it once in the morning or else I can’t function.” “It’s not like we can do it at work.” Mom said.