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notably didn’t do — like reusing old musical cues, and bringing back Angus Barnett and Giles New as Mullroy and Murtogg, the two recurring British officers who serve as comic relief in the earlier films.

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Basic elements of the universe, like Jack’s compass or the Black Pearl, show up in every movie.) There’s the magical Sword of Triton, which Blackbeard uses to control his boat in .The Fountain of Youth also exists, though it comes with some strangely specific rules.Throwaway references, like Jack’s run-in with the East India Trading Company or a colloquial mention of Davy Jones’ locker from the first film, get awkwardly built out into major villains in the second and third, then vanish forever.Another example is Blackbeard: he shows up in the fourth film with no explanation about where he was in the previous entries, when the Pirate Lords convened and fought to save piracy.In when he’s captured by the East India Trading company.

He gets it back, then gives it to Will before stranding him in the ocean.

It’s long, dragging, and increasingly absurd, but it’s still a single unit.

That was supposed to be it for the franchise, but after the successful opening weekend of , considered by many calculations to be the most expensive movie ever filmed.

After Will is fatally stabbed in Jack saves his life by killing Jones so Will can take over his role.

By returning the Dutchman to its traditional duties, he saves the crew and they resume their normal appearance, even in the “10 years later” post-credits sting from again, presumably because that looks cooler.

But their impact is blunted when no one making the films cares about what these elements are supposed to mean.

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    Throughout its journey, it has proved that it is all about the people and their needs.