Intimidating prowess

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His intimidating and treacherous reputation seemed to make Doflamingo ponder on fighting the marine admirals when Law suggested quitting being a Shichibukai or staying to deal with the angry Yonko.He is even strong enough to fight Shanks (another powerful Yonko) when the latter intercepted him from attacking Whitebeard.

When he is enraged, he would also take his rage out on his subordinates by attacking them.

He is said to have survived countless situations where he would have been killed or executed.

He has survived many types of torture and even execution.

He began insulting Kid who happened to have been defeated in their confrontation before.

Kaido stated that the Supernova are simply playing a pirates game.

At some point after the Marineford War, Kaido and the shogun of Wano Kingdom were responsible for the death of Oden.

Kaido wanted to know an important information that Oden knew but the latter refused to tell him.Despite Kaido's menacing capabilities, not much is known about his abilities.He has many powerful subordinates such as Jack and after hiring Donquixote Doflamingo and Caesar Clown he was able to make a large army.He appears to have immense strength as he defeated Eustass Kid, a notorious pirate with a bounty of 470,000,000 berries and emerge without a scratch even taunting him for his loss.At some point, Kaido met Doflamingo and they decided that Doflamingo should supply artificial devil fruits to enhance Kaido's army.Kaido (in Japanese: カイドウ Kaidō) is one of the main antagonists of the Yonko Saga and a major villain in One Piece.

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