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The Tourist Visa on Arrival (ETA) simplifies the entry and stay in India significantly. You are able to travel as a „classic“ tourist and go sightseeing around India, visit your friends and relatives in the metropolis or use your ETA to travel for business purposes.

Please note, fee is calculated in this formula (Visa fee ICWF fee Service Charges= Total visa fee to be deposited by applicant).

If you like to visit India as a tourist or visitor, it is necessary to apply for a Tourist Visa and to notice following specific regulations.

Check fees payable, payment options and documents required.

All such details can be found in the respective visa categories under the section.

Apply for a Tourist Visa on Arrival The Indian subcontinent in the South of Asia offers several popular travel destinations and adventures considering the geographic contrasts and all the native cultures spread over India.

With more than 1.2 Billion citizens the multi-ethnic nation India is one of the most populated countries on earth and known as the biggest democracy in the world.Travellers, who seek alternative or traditional medical treatment in India are also allowed to apply for a Tourist Visa on Arrival.A Tourist Visa is given to those visiting India for tourism or other non-business (study, employment, etc...) related purposes.Delegates going to India to attend the global Entrepreneurship Summit 2017 who belong to countries which are eligible for e-Visa scheme may avail facility of e-Business Visa.Those delegates whose countries are not eligible for e-Visa may apply for regular Business Visa.The processing time for tourist visas is 3-5 working days.