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I paired it with the skirt, tights, and knee boots for a more sophisticated look.The top’s soft tone kept the look from looking too strict – and was a nice change from a total black”.

The sets of three can be three of a kind (3-3-3) or a run (3-4-5).

It could look something like this: Now, here’s where things get interesting…

There are two special moves you can make: Peng 碰 (pèng) – If you have two-of-a-kind in your hand, and another player at ANY point in the game discards a matching tile that would enable you to complete your set of three, proudly shout “PENG!

In this case, it pairs seamlessly with this floral print pencil skirt while grey accessories up the Fall factor.

For bit chilly weather you can layer this with leather jacket”.

Hopefully you’re not getting too confused by all these numbers and symbols, but just in case, here’s a quick example: Before you even touch the Majiang tiles, be sure first of all to find 3 good friends (plus yourself) and a chilled spot somewhere. This isn’t a game to play in the deadly silence of a library, but a subway station isn’t ideal either.

To begin playing, you must first shuffle the tiles face down on the table and each player then builds a wall 13 tiles long by two tiles high.

3) Lizzie In Lace Blog: Instagram: lizzieinlace Twitter: lizzieinlace “This outfit has got to be one of my favorite Fall ensembles yet!

Jeans go with everything, so wouldn’t that be true if your “jean” happened to be a chambray top? The polka dot print pairs perfectly with so many things and since it’s chambray, it’s practically a neutral.

The lowest number of these two dice then tells you precisely where to start breaking the wall, counting in from the right.

This can all sound a bit tricky, but once you’ve played a few times it will come very naturally.

” and before anyone has a chance to react, reach over and add the tile to your hand.

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