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The peak of the "Rosicrucianism furore" was reached when two mysterious posters appeared on the walls of Paris in 1622 within a few days of each other.

Researchers of Maier's writings point out that he never claimed to have produced gold, nor did Heinrich Khunrath or any of the other "Rosicrucianists".

In his 1618 pamphlet, Pia et Utilissima Admonitio de Fratribus Rosae Crucis, Henrichus Neuhusius wrote that the Rosicrucians departed for the east due to European instability caused by the start of the Thirty Years' War.

In 1710, Sigmund Richter, founder of the secret society of the Golden and Rosy Cross, also suggested the Rosicrucians had migrated eastward.

The invitation to the royal wedding in the Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz opens with Dee's philosophical key, the Monas Hieroglyphica symbol.

The writer also claimed the brotherhood possessed a book that resembled the works of Paracelsus.

Each member undertook an oath to heal the sick, but without payment, to maintain a secret fellowship, and to find a replacement for himself before he died.

Three such generations had supposedly passed between c. 1600, a time when scientific, philosophical and religious freedom had grown so that the public might benefit from the Rosicrucians' knowledge, so that they were now seeking good men.In the first half of the 20th century, René Guénon, a researcher of the occult, presented this same idea in some of his works.It was in this fertile field of discourse that many Rosicrucian societies arose.The works were re-issued several times, followed by numerous pamphlets, favorable or otherwise.Between 16, about 400 manuscripts and books were published which discussed the Rosicrucian documents.Rosicrucianism is a cultural movement which arose in Europe in the early 17th century after the publication of several texts which purported to announce the existence of a hitherto unknown esoteric order to the world and made seeking its knowledge attractive to many.

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