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Ets2 save game 100 completely free dating websites

At first, the player can only take what are known as Quick jobs—these jobs involve making hired driver deliveries while employed by a delivery company, with a provided truck and all expenses (fuel, road tolls, ferry crossings) covered.As the player earns money or takes bank loans, they can eventually afford to buy themselves a truck, acquire a home garage, and start making more money by delivering cargo using their own truck instead of just being a driver for hire.

The new cargoes are usually large, long and heavy and include a helicopter, various tractors and drillers, air conditioners and even a yacht.

The game has sold over 4,5 million units on Steam as of November 2017, according to the metrics website Steam Spy.

Players choose their HQ's location in any of the game map's cities.

The game also features a "Radio" feature, which allows players to play MP3 and OGG files.

It also allows the player to listen to Internet radio.

In July 2013 a large update was released, fixing various graphical glitches, improving the toll booths and included the ability to switch off the trucks' speed limiter from within the gameplay options.

In July 2014, ETS 2 released an open beta of patch 1.11 on Steam.Euro Truck Simulator 2 (commonly abbreviated as ETS2) is a vehicle simulation game developed and published by SCS Software for Microsoft Windows, Linux and OS X and was initially released as open development on 19 October 2012.The game is a direct sequel to the 2008 game Euro Truck Simulator and it is the second video game in the Truck Simulator series.The Schwarzmüller Trailer pack add five new and original modeled Semi-Trailers of the Austrian based semi-trailer conductor Schwarzmüller On SCS released a second DLC similar to Going East! As the name suggests, it features a map extension to Scandinavia and features Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.The DLC also contains 2 new types of trailers: a livestock trailer and a trailer for transporting trucks.This progression allows the player to take on better paid jobs.