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The documentary “Global Shopping Village” by Ulli Gladik follows this movement: the film meets important players in development, marketing and architecture, also politicians, consumers and retailers in different countries all around Europe – in Germany for example, where a new trend of inner city shopping malls is currently arising on the other hand in Eastern Europe a boom and bubble was recognized.With the support of Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, the Arts and Culture – Innovative Film Austria (BMUKK), Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF), Filmfonds Wien (FFW), MEDIA, Swiss Federal Office of Culture, Zurich Film Foundation, George Foundation Everyday Rebellion is a feature cinema documentary and cross-media project about the power of creative, nonviolent activism and modern civil disobedience.

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Filmfestival Max Ophüls Preis 2017 Developed with the support of Austrian Film Institute (ÖFI), ZDF/ARTE, Film und Medien Stiftung NRW, Austrian Broadcasting Corporation Film/Television-Agreement (ORF), Filmstandort Austria (FISA), Filmfonds Wien (FFW) What would you do if your income were taken care of?Two charismatic women, however, are not satisfied with mere elections.Grandma Dela, who lives in a slum of the tropical megacity, and the intellectual Wardah Hafidz are setting out to collect 1.5 million signatures of the poorest, who are constantly threatened by the local arbitrary justice and the desires of the global capital.Fest München 2014, Docville Leuven 2014, Pasticze Filmclub Prag 2014, Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival 2014, Docudays – International Documentary Human Rights Film Festival 2014, MOVIES THAT MATTER 2014, Diagonale 2014, Film Festival One World 2014, Tempo Film Festival, Stockholm 2014, IF Istanbul Independent Film Festival 2014, Berlinale (EFM European Film Market) 2014, Oslo HR FF 2014, Belgrade Magnificent 7 2014, DOCPOINT Tallinn 2014, DOCPOINT HELSINKI 2014, 49.SOLOTHURNER FILMTAGE Schweiz 2014, IDFA International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam 2013, CPH: DOX Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival 2013, ARS ELECTRONICA 2012 Davey Silver Award 2014 Erasmus Euro Media Grand Award 2014 Biografilm Festival Bologna 2014 – Audience Award Fünf Seen Filmfestival Germany 2014 – Horizont Award Civis European Online Media Award for integration 2014 Cinema for Peace – Most Valuable Documentary Award 2014 CPH: DOX 2013 – Politiken Audience Award B3-Biennale Frankfurt 2013 – Main Award for Best Transmedia Storytelling Arte Pixel Pitch Prize, London 2012, Best Cross-Media project AFTERMATH is the story of young people from an ancient tribe on remote islands who are suddenly driven into a new world by the Tsunami.Cambridge Film Festival 2016 Das Filmfest 2016 – Festival of germanspeaking film Eurasia International Film Festival 2016 Podgorica Film Festival 2016 Sehenswert Film Festival Budapest 2016 37.

International Cinematographer’s Film Festival Manaki Brothers 2016 29.

Film Festival Dresden 2014 Bir Duino (One World) Kyrgyzstan – Int. Film Festival on Human Rights Bishkek 2014 Cine Migrante – Int. Festival for Peace, Inspiration, and Equality Jakarta 2014 28. Documentary and Anthropology Film Festival 2014 This Human World – International Human Rights Film Festival Vienna 2013 Watch Docs Int.

Human Doc Film Festival Warsaw 2013 International Exile Film Festival Goetheburg 2013 Diagonale Graz 2013 Awards: Eine-Welt-Filmpreis NRW 2015 Int.

They travel to the unknown world to meet with researchers and allies.

The film offers unique insights into the lost culture of the Nicobar Islands.

They decide to help in a different way: They raise their own money, they start their own NGO and they train their own activists from within the Nicobar Islands.

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