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What this tells us is 1 million "NA" serial numbered sewing machines were manufactured in 1951, 1 million "NB" serial numbered sewing machine were manufactured in 1956 and 1 million "NB" serial numbered sewing machine were manufactured in 1961.Anderson, South Carolina Singer had one United States manufacturing factory, Elizabethport, located in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

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(Ryobi Corporation) This was several years after the Elizabethport factory located in Elizabeth, New Jersey closed down on 1 December 1982. The myth about the "A" added because the Anderson factory burned down, is simply not true!

If the owner of any Slant-needle model sewing machine inputs their Serial Number they will receive a certificate, but guess what?

If you have a "NA" serial number it will have a "Year of Issue of 1951".

When the Anderson factory started manufacturing the Singer 301 it did not include any suffix on the Model Tag.

This created confusion to where the 301 was actually manufactured and beginning in January 1953 the Model Tag Number now included the suffix "A" to denote it was manufactured at the Anderson, South Carolina, hence the Singer 301A.

A joint licensing agreement for offering this entire database on the Internet, print media is only between the Culture Management Berlin [Germany] and the Singer Corporation NV [USA]. The only production records from the Anderson factory is in 1951 when a limited edition of only 10,000 Singer Model 301 sewing machines were manufactured for the Centennial Year Celebration.

Licenses can be purchased only through the agency "Culture Management Berlin". There are absolutely no production records from 1952 to 1963.Submitting your Serial Numbers When it comes to figuring out a correct "Year of Issue" for all slant-needle models there was only one way.Gathering information and by acquiring serial numbers to create a database for each model.The database includes, model, color, serial number, original purchase receipts, instruction manual copyright date and revised dates plus other information that is relevant.With this information I was able to create a "Year of Issue".Because of this confusion and in the best interest to owners Singer in 2011 deleted all the records and changed it to the present-day that offers a facility for consumers to uncover the history of their personal Singer household sewing machine and discover the year it was issued.