Dating dead married not

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Dating dead married not

He shares the same birthday with Shad Moss, (Bow Wow), rapper Chingy and English actress Stephanie Chambers. The agency immediately fell in love with Lewis’ face and persona as they thought it fit for commercials.

The Stu Silver-created show entered syndication from 1987 to 1989.After the first season of Webster, his agent renegotiated a deal that gave him a share of the profits, including syndication money.Despite his Webster fame, Lewis maintained a fairly average lifestyle. And thanks to his tight-knit family, Webster was able to remain sane avoid the post-stardom troubles that often plagued the lives of child stars.Disappointingly, no information about Lewis’ love life has ever been made known to the public.Well, that’s not much of a surprise as he once said in an interview; “I would never really expose any of my girlfriends to the Press.Read Also: Rahul Kohli Bio, Body Measurements, Height, Girlfriend, Gay In 1983, Lewis was selected to star in ABC sitcom Webster which would ultimately become the biggest break of his career.

Despite being a twelve year old, Lewis’ stature made him fit into the role of a 6 year old adopted kid raised by white parents.

However, recent pictures of him often surface on social media. He is often compared to Gary Coleman, star of NBC’s Diff’rent Strokes.

As a matter of fact, ABC thought to start the show because of Lewis’ resemblance to Gary Coleman.

Lewis’ activity and popularity in Hollywood have drastically waned in recent years, so much so that many have wondered if he is dead or alive… Lewis never thought of acting as a career or even that he had what it took to become one until an actor friend of his pointed it out to him.

Emmanuel Lewis was born on March 9, 1971, in Brooklyn, New York. Upon the suggestion of the friend, Lewis and his mother contacted Shuller Talent Agency which specializes in gifted children for TV commercials.

He was close friends with late pop legend Michael Jackson after they met at an award show.

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