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This must be done before submitting your online voter registration.

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By clicking the link, a chat with the person automatically opens.Check out the Keyword table in this guide for details.Note: The password and room name of a private room should not exceed 15 characters in length and can be made up of numbers and letters combined. Mobile phones can store a limited number of SMS messages and are unable to receive more messages when full. u Chat is anonymous and the only way a recipient will know your personal details is if you send it to them.In order to register online to vote, your address must match the address on file with the Driver License Division.If your driver license address is not current, please update your address with the Driver License Division.To login directly into a room, send an SMS to 9611 as follows if you know the room number or room name: Login e.g.

Login 1 or Login teens SMS the keyword Rooms to 9611 You first need to join a chat room. If you are trying within the service hours and still getting this message, please try again after some time.u Chat is an SMS service that allows you to chat with other mobile users about different topics. To register, simply send an SMS to 9611 in the following format: Reg e.g. This will take you to a “General Room” where you can send keywords to 9611 for different functions (see keyword table).Just remember to always end each info type with a full stop. Your private room is password protected and you choose the room name, the password and who to invite.Rest assured, private messages and private rooms are just that . Add friends to your personal friends list by sending an SMS to 9611 in the following format: Add Your friends will receive the request from you and need to authorise this to be added to your friends list.If your address is not current with DLD you may still use the online voter registration system, but you will be required to print the voter form with the correct address, sign it and mail it in.

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