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Last month, Page Six reported that Courtney Love and her 15-years-younger new boyfriend, director Nicholas Jarecki, are on Raya.

Rest rooms are always accessible to students, and it is not uncommon or difficult for one to spend time in the rest room of the opposite gender in order to hold a private conference.“It’s a small pond and it gets saturated very quickly,” says one Raya member.There's something about secondary education — the nature of teenagers, the nature of the adults that work with teenagers, parents' expectations that things will be just like when they were a kid — that lends itself to the accrual of strange national customs.Any student we care about will have his or her locker in the hallway immediately outside the only classroom.The former is actually Truth in Television in Japan and a few other countries where students are assigned to a class that stays in a set homeroom with teachers coming in and out depending on the subject.In the Mediterranean climate where this is less of an issue, open air schools were built to keep classrooms cool, but once air conditioning became universal in schools in the 2000s, the trend went back towards one large building.

Television high school students spend an inordinate amount of time in a single classroom, which is not unreasonable given the likelihood that we will only ever see one or two teachers.

It's egregious with the many high school-centric television shows set in California, a state which has almost exclusively open-air campuses.

It should be noted that the big gothic-looking schools of film were designed for maximum heat in winter.

In the US, high school is usually the last four years of compulsory education (grades 9-12), although in some districts it's the last three (grades 10-12).

In Japan it's three years (equivalent to grades 10-12), and not compulsory. grades 6-8 are called middle school, and elementary school ends at grade 5 rather than at 6, as it does when the school district is zoned for junior highs instead of middle schools.

In both cases students are likely to be coming from a Junior High, which consists of grades 7-9 (although not all US districts have those). In Russia, it's called "middle" school, "high" being the university, and lasts through grades five to eleven, being kind of conjoined with Junior High. High schools in television tend to be cleaner, more modern, better lit, more architecturally interesting and have better food than most of their real-world counterparts.

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    She believes her sexuality is the only way she can attract a man, or she wants this point in her life to be a series of sexual experiences. She posts a provocative picture on her online dating profile, invites him over to her house on the first date, shows too much skin (especially for a woman over 40), and is overly familiar with her affection.