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Mountain bikes are a great option for your first CX race.

When using your mountain bike during a cx race, be sure to take off your water bottle cage and bar ends. at the Georgia International Horse Park in Conyers. Cyclocross Magazine’s Noob Section How to dismount, Bicycling Magazine Sopo Cyclocross Memories: Fixing up a Big-Box Bike Search the Sopo archives for cyclocross!Shorter days and the rolling in of crisp, autumn air mean many things to many different people.Sure, it’s sweaters, boots and pumpkin spice lattes for most, but for those that are gluttons for punishment, it means cyclocross season is here again. Some list Belgium as the originating country, while others pay homage to France.Either way, CX is believed to have started sometime around 1900 in Europe as a way to keep cyclists in shape during the off-season of the fall and winter months.French army privateer Daniel Gousseau is credited as the Father of Cyclocross, organizing the first French National Championship in 1902. CX races are usually made on short courses, 1.5-2 miles in length.Traditional road bike brakes run the risk of getting gunked up with mud during a race.

There are a few smaller, less noticeable differences in a CX bike such as a higher bottom bracket and lower gearing (somewhere between a road bike and a mountain bike).Broken Hearts & Bicycle Parts 8 – Long Promo from D. As always, ‘run what ya brung.’ There are no specific skills necessary to explore or try something new, nor should feel the need to purchase a fancy-schmancy new bike. More information Few visitors know that Sopo has a library.The beginner categories will race for 30 minutes, while the upper level 1-2 categories will race for 45-60 minutes.Depending on how many people enter the race, multiple categories may run at the same time.If a course has more concrete or is very dry, you might want to use a road bike.

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