Are mordecai and cj dating websites

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Are mordecai and cj dating websites

This is much to the chagrin of their manager/boss Benson (a gumball machine) and their coworker Skips (a yeti), but to the delight of their (other) manager/boss Pops (a man with a lollipop-shaped head). Both originated as part of a game called "48-hour films", in which students put words into a hat, pulled out one word at midnight and spent a weekend developing ideas for a film.

Quintel's interest in British television was influenced by his British roommate at Cal Arts, who introduced him to The League of Gentlemen, The IT Crowd, Little Britain, The Office and The Mighty Boosh; the latter was very influential to Quintel and would later influence the humor in Regular Show.Quintel pitched Regular Show for Cartoon Network's Cartoonstitute project, in which the network allowed young artists to create pilots with no notes, which would possibly be optioned as shows.The project was green-lit and it premiered on September 6, 2010.The show often references 1980s culture, using music and electronic devices from that era because many factors from the decade left a positive influence on Quintel.Quintel wanted to make the show listenable and given contrast to most other cartoons, which often are difficult for adults to listen to.The show's soundtrack comprises original music composed by Mark Mothersbaugh and licensed songs.

While preparing for the beginning of the show, Quintel looked for young, independent, comic artists to compose the show's storyboard artists; he thought that the style would closely match that of Regular Show.

As of May 2013, the program has been watched by approximately 2 to 2.5 million viewers each week.

The series has received positive reviews from critics and has developed a following of all ages.

One of the program's storyboard artists, Calvin Wong, said that he enjoys the limitations set by writing for the show since the adult-oriented jokes that are approved are satisfying.

The plots of the episodes are influenced by the writers' and Quintel's personal experiences, such as performing prank telephone calls or accepting an eating challenge from a restaurant.

The writers try to make the conversations feel natural to the audience, using examples from their own experiences.

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