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This can cost you a lot of money, especially if your income is not equally spread over the year.

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It is quite unclear who is taxing AVS (for example) first, but I haven't had the incentive to ask how the treaty provisions are implied.

I assume with your L permit you're on something similar.

If your earnings are lower than the threshold, then I don't believe you need to declare, and may not be able to!

Die Verrechnungssteuer wird bei der Prfung der Steuererklrung kontrolliert und falls korrekt gewhrt.

Ein ergnzendes Veranlagungsverfahren wird nur durchgefhrt, wenn das der Quellensteuer nicht unterworfene steuerbare Einkommen mindestens Fr.

Here is their reply: Nach der Weisung der Finanzdirektion ber die ergnzende Veranlagung bei der Erhebung der Quellensteuer unterliegen auslndische Arbeitnehmer, die neben den quellenbesteuerten Einknften ber weitere, nicht an der Quelle besteuerte Einknfte oder ber Vermgen verfgen der ergnzenden Veranlagung.

Dies bedeutet, dass eine Steuererklrung eingereicht werden muss.All I know is that I am paying a lot less Swiss tax than before I began filing complete returns, due to the calculation of wealth tax.AFAIK the only way to get gross wealth adjusted for debt is by filing a complete return.You also get a card to use in European Cash machines.Check how much money you have online and spend the money when you go on holiday.I would not really like to go to a professional for such little amounts, but neither I would like to omit declaring them and possibly get a fine.

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